Jamaican Catering

“You can say anything to a man with a full stomach”
-Jamaican Proverb

Choose one or two entrées and three accompaniments. Festival bread accompanies all meals. Disposable tableware is included. 15-guest minimum.

Choose Entrée(s)
Curry Shrimp Curry Chicken
Jerk Chicken Brown Stew Chicken
Patties (Beef or Chicken) Oxtails (add $2.00)
Choose Three Accompaniments
Salad Rice and Peas
Fried Plantain Fried Dumplings
Irish Potato
One Entrée Two Entrées
15-24 $20.00 $22.00
25-49 $19.00 $21.00
Desserts Station

An assortment of Gourmet Brownies and Cookies or Assorted cake Platter.

15-49 $5.75 per person
50+ $5.25 per person