Brownies & Bars

12 pk – $25.95 24 pk – $45.95
    • Crowd Pleasers

    • Chocolate Brownie

      Our original brownie topped with a chocolate ganache.

    • Turtle Brownie

      A fudgy brownie topped with caramel, toasted pecans and drizzled with melted chocolate.

    • Triple Chocolate Brownie

      A very rich intense and fudge like brownie.

    • Cream Cheese Brownie

      Brownie base swirled with cheesecake batter made with light cream cheese.

    • Chocolate Mint Brownie

      Our original fudge brownie baked with Andes mint and drizzled with chocolate mint.

    • Chocolate Chip Brownie

      Chocolate chips are baked in a top our chocolate fudge brownie.

    • Rocky Road Brownie

      Chocolate fudge brownie topped with melted marshmallow mixed with chocolate chips and nuts.

    • Pecan Brownie

      Chocolate fudge brownie topped with toasted pecans drizzled with melted chocolate.

    • Magic Bar

      Sugar cookie base, infused with sweet milk and caramel, topped with toasted pecans, chocolate chips and coconuts.

    • Blondie

      The Brownie that's not a brownie.
      Golden brownies with pure brown sugar, butter and Madagascar bourbon vanilla a caramel, butterscotch flavor.

    • Peanut Butter Brownie

      Chocolate brownie swirled with smooth, creamy peanut butter.

    • Strawberry Swirl Brownie

      Sweet strawberry puree twists through chocolate brownie batter.

    • Toffee Brownie

      Golden toffee chips swirled in our original chocolate fudge brownie.

    • White Chocolate Brownie

      Chocolate brownie with white chocolate chips baked in drizzled with melted white chocolate.

    • Toffee Crunch Brownie

      Chocolate brownie topped with chopped toffee bits drizzled with melted chocolate.

    • Peppermint Bark Brownie

      Your favorite holiday treat. White chocolate, milk chocolate and crushed peppermint candy covers our chocolate brownie.