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Classics & Favorites On My Honor All-in Flavors
Signature Seasonal Boozy

Classic & Favorites

Belle of the Ball – Classic red velvet cake, frosted with a Madagascar vanilla cream cheese and dusted with pecans (can be omitted)

Rise ‘n Shine – A light and airy buttermilk cupcake filled with smoked bacon, topped with a buttery maple frosting and sprinkled with bacon bits

Coffee Cake – Light and fluffy yellow cake with swirls of cinnamon topped with a sweet glaze

MiMi’s Favorite – Sweet coconut cake with a coconut frosting sprinkled with shaved, toasted coconut

Strawberry Shortcake – Moist strawberry and vanilla cake topped with swirled strawberry and vanilla buttercream, topped with a fresh strawberry

Strawberry Lemonade – Light and fluffy lemon cake filled with fresh strawberries, topped with a strawberry

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut – Madagascar bourbon vanilla cake frosted with white chocolate buttercream and dusted with bits of macadamia nuts and white chocolate shavings

Orange Creamsicle – Mouth-watering orange cupcake with a smooth vanilla center, frosted with a swirled orange and vanilla buttercream

Happy Birthday Baby – Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cake, filled with vanilla cream, topped with a traditional vanilla buttercream frosting and sprinkles

Cookies ‘n Cream – Dark chocolate cupcake frosted with cookies and cream frosting

Snickerdoodle – Moist butter cake swirled with cinnamon and sugar, frosted with our Madagascar Bourbon vanilla buttercream and dusted with cinnamon sugar

Key Lime – Yellow pound cake filled with key lime pie, topped with a light and fluffy meringue slightly toasted

Pink Champagne – Deliciously moist pink champagne cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting

Butterfinger – Moist peanut butter cake with Butterfinger bits cooked in, frosted with a swirled peanut butter and chocolate frosting and topped with Butterfinger bits

Mikey’s Favorite – Traditional German chocolate cake, filled with creamy coconut and pecan, dipped in chocolate ganache with a dollop of coconut pecan topping

Dulce de leche – Moist, rich dulce de leche cake filled with dulce de leche topped with dulce de leche frosting

Grasshopper – Dark chocolate cake with Andes mints baked in and topped with a mint chocolate butter cream

White Champagne – Delicious white champagne cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting

S’mores – Delectable chocolate cake with a fudge filling, topped with more fudge, a crisp graham cracker or chocolate piece and toasted marshmallow frosting

Peanut Butter & Jelly – Vanilla cake filled with delicious strawberry jam, topped with peanut butter buttercream and freshly chopped nuts

Banana Pudding – Vanilla cake filled with banana pudding frosted with banana buttercream and topped a Nilla wafer

Chocolate Covered Strawberry – Rich chocolate cupcake frosted with creamy strawberry frosting, topped with a real chocolate covered strawberry

Chai Tea – Chai infused vanilla butter caked topped with honey cream cheese frosting

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On My Honor

(available February – March)

Thin Mint – Rich chocolate cake frosted with a delicious mint buttercream, drizzled with chocolate and a GS Thin Mint (available February and March)

Samoas – Rich chocolate cake topped with caramel frosting drizzled with chocolate ganache and toasted coconut flakes (available February and March)

Lemonades – Moist lemon cake filled with lemon pudding topped with lemon-vanilla buttercream and half a GS Lemonade cookie (available February and March)

Peanut Butter Patties – White cake with a peanut butter patties in the middle frosted with honey vanilla frosting, topped a peanut butter patties (available February and March)

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All-In Flavors

Strawberry – Made with real strawberries. A moist strawberry cake, frosted with a smooth strawberry frosting, topped with a sliced strawberry

Chocolate – Rich, moist chocolate cake, frosted with a dark chocolate frosting and chocolate shavings

Lemon – Lemon cake filled with lemon filing frosted with lemon buttercream frosting

Peanut Butter – Peanut butter cake loaded with peanut butter chips, topped with peanut butter frosting

Vanilla – Madagascar bourbon vanilla cake with a French vanilla frosting topped with white chocolate shavings

Pistachio – Pistachio cake with pistachio and pineapple, topped with a pistachio buttercream, dusted with crushed pistachio

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Signature Flavor

Michelle (M&M) – Molten lava cupcake dipped in chocolate ganache topped with candy m&m

Tammy (Reese’s) – Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter filling frosted with peanut butter frosting drizzled in chocolate ganache with a piece Reese’s cup

Atalie (Almond Joy) – Coconut cake filled with chocolate ganache frosted with coconut chocolate frosting topped with a toasted almond

Lesleigh (Charleston Chew) – Chocolate cake frosted with marshmallow frosting

Lupe (Skittles) – Rainbow cake topped with cherry cream cheese buttercream adorned with Skittles

Plushette (Bit-o-Honey) – Honey cupcake frosted with honey buttercream frosted dusted with crushed almonds

Cheri (5th Avenue) – Peanut butter cake filled with chocolate filling frosted with chocolate peanut buttercream frosting

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Seasonal Favorites

Valentine’s Day
Cinnamon – Moist cinnamon cake, frosted with cinnamon buttercream, topped with cinnamon red hots
I Love You – Rich chocolate cake frosted with colored buttercream and topped with conversation hearts

Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras – Our miniature version of the New Orleans King Cake filled with cream cheese and topped with a sweet glaze and dusted with Mardi Gras colors

Bunny – Traditional carrot cake topped with a vanilla cream cheese

Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day – Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cake, filled with chocolate cream, topped with a buttercream rose

4th of July
Independence – Moist white cake filled with blueberries, topped with cherry buttercream frosting

Halloween – Dark chocolate cake topped with orange buttercream decorated with jack-o-lantern fondant circle

Sweet Potato – Sweet potato cake topped with maple buttercream and adorned with a thanksgiving fondant icon

Candy Cane – Vanilla cupcake infused with peppermint and topped with peppermint buttercream and crushed candy canes

Peppermint Bark – French chocolate cupcake frosted with a peppermint infused vanilla frosting, topped with bits of crushed peppermint bark

Gingerbread – Delicious gingerbread spiced cake topped with a creamy Egg nog cream cheese frosting 

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Liquor Based Flavors

Chocolate Rum & Mango – Chocolate rum cake with a butter rum glaze frosted with vanilla buttercream topped with a mango slice and dusted with cocoa powder

Strawberry Margarita -Strawberry cake with margarita glaze frosted with strawberry margarita buttercream

Kahlua Coffee – Chocolate cupcake infused with Kahlua topped with a coffee buttercream

Tequila Sunrise – Moist orange tequila cake frosted with tequila buttercream

Blue Hawaiian – Rum cake filled with pineapple curd topped with Blue Curacao buttercream

Irish Cream – Moist chocolate cake infused with Holy Grounds coffee, filled with espresso fudge, topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting

Mint Julep – Yellow cake infused with Jack Daniels and Crème de Menthe topped with mint buttercream frosting

Chocolate Mudslide – Rich chocolate cake infused with amaretto topped chocolate Bailey’s buttercream

Mimosa – Orange pound cake infused with champagne syrup topped with our white champagne frosting

Banana Daiquiri – Banana cake infused with spiced rum topped with rum frosting

Piña Colada – Coconut cake loaded with bits of pineapple, iced with a Malibu Coconut Rum and pineapple buttercream frosting topped with toasted coconut (alcohol free available).

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All of our cupcakes include a one flavor combination. To add additional flavors, please add $1.50 to order. An order of our Baby cupcakes are $29.95 per 2 dozen. Our Mama cupcakes are sold by the dozen for $27.95*. Our Papa cupcake is sold individually. This cupcake is over 7″ in diameter and serves up to 8 people for $18.

We can add custom decorations to your cupcake, $3 small/dozen and $5 large/dozen.

For orders of five (5) dozen or more, please call us direct at least 48 hours prior to delivery date and time.

*Signature cupcakes are sold $32.95 per dozen. Seasonal Favorites are $35.95 per dozen and ONLY available in season identified. Liquor Based Flavors are $40.95 per dozen and will only be delivered to customers over 21 years of age. ID required upon delivery.

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